About Us

ProSafe First Aid Training School has been providing first aid training since 1999. We have 8 Campuses located in the lower mainland. While ProSafe is known for delivering First Aid training courses, we also offer classes in health and safety, mobile equipment operation, workplace safety and customer service.  In addition to training services, we also supply first aid supplies and equipment. Our professional and experienced instructors at ProSafe take pride in delivering the highest quality of training and offering flexible program scheduling in multiple languages!  

If you are a professional instructor looking for a full-time career, or a recent graduate of one of our advanced classes who wants to get a foot in the door, talk to us if you are interested in learning more about having a career at ProSafe. We continue to look for new instructors to join our team who are talented and passionate in teaching and sharing. Not only we offer a flexible schedule and competitive compensation, but also we help you build a fulfilling career that fits your life goals.  If you are interested in teaching for ProSafe please contact us at info@prosafefirstaid.ca




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Customer service and strong relationships are what ProSafe is built on.  We would like to thank and recognize some of our corporate clients and individual customers below: