Fall Protection

Course Info
This fall protection training course which is designed by ABCS Safety Training Inc. is based off of British Columbia’s legislationAlberta OH&S legislation course options are also available.  when taking this course in Alberta. This fall protection course incorporates many industry best practices and is ultimately designed to exceed industry standards.

Key Contents

  • Fall protection measures required by the Occupational Health & Safety Regulations

  • Identifying fall protection systems and components

  • Basic principles for safe selection & use of ladders

  • Calculating Free fall Distance and Minimum Clearance Required

  • Information on the difference between fall restraint & fall arrest systems

  • Components of personal fall protection systems & their specifications

  • Proper application of full body harnesses, lanyards & vertical lifeline rope grabs

Delivery Options

  • Blended – Do the theory online at home and book time to complete the practical component.

  • Instructor Lead – Complete the full training including practical at one of our locations with a live instructor.


Course Duration

  • 8 hours

  • English


  • None 


  • Successful participants will receive a 3 year certificate from ABCS Safety Training Inc.


  • Public Courses available in Burnaby and Langley

  • Private Courses are available at all locations

Course Price

  • $149.00 + GST

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