Self Care and Wellness Workshop

Course Info

Participants will gain access to a range of tools and materials designed to enhance their ability to handle challenging situations and build their resilience when faced with elevated levels of stress. Through a self-paced online module, learners will have the opportunity to create a personalized self-care plan. Additionally, they will participate in an interactive workshop led by an instructor, where they will put the principles of self-care into practice through real-life case studies, group discussions, and personal introspection.

Key Content

• Enhance your ability to cope with elevated stress levels and strengthen your personal resilience by crafting a customized self-care plan.

• Put into action the self-care principles acquired from the online component by actively engaging in a guided workshop that employs case-based learning, group discussions, and personal reflection.


  • Must be 16 years of age or older
  • A 45-90 minute self-directed Psychological First Aid Self-Care course is required to be completed prior to attending the in-person workshop

Course duration

2 hours


One-year certification in Self-Care & Wellness




$15 + GST 

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