Author: Colin Lau

Established in 1999, ProSafe First Aid is a leading employment training agency in BC, Canada with a focus on First Aid and Workplace Safety programs.

Heart Attack vs Cardiac Arrest: Why Knowing The Difference May Save Someone’s Life

Heart attacks, cardiac arrest. We all know these terms – they have been rooted within our minds either through personal experience or from the media. What many people fail to understand is that, despite having obvious similarities, these health problems are different in many ways. Understanding this difference is a key step towards ensuring the…
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Keeping Cool: The Four Step Guide To Preventing Heat-Related Illness

Between beach visits, camping trips, and time spent on patios, it is easy to associate warm summer months with fun activities. What many fail to consider is that this time of year brings with it a set of temperature-related challenges. Without taking the proper measures, each foray into the sun may potentially lead to heart…
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Looking For Work? The Three Certifications That Will Make Your Resume Stand Out

If you are a job seeker, there is a significant chance that the first interaction you have with your future employer will involve your resume. These formal documents act as the first step that you need to take in order to win them over. Although they may not be a joy to write, resumes give…
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Food Safety & The Importance of Humor In the Classroom: Meet Zoraida, ProSafe’s FoodSafe Expert

With her sense of humor and unstoppable energy, Zoraida is one of our most cherished FoodSafe Level 1 instructors. She was born in Spain, and originally migrated to Canada 8 years ago. She is fluent in Arabic, Spanish, English, and French. Her communication abilities are exceptional (in all four languages), as she loves building relationships…
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