Looking For Work? The Three Certifications That Will Make Your Resume Stand Out

Looking For Work? The Three Certifications That Will Make Your Resume Stand Out

If you are a job seeker, there is a significant chance that the first interaction you have with your future employer will involve your resume. These formal documents act as the first step that you need to take in order to win them over. Although they may not be a joy to write, resumes give applicants the chance to self-reflect and determine which of their skills may be most valued.

In addition to keeping our communities and workplaces safe, one of ProSafe’s mandates revolves around boosting our student’s resumes. We teach employment-based skills that have uses in a broad variety of industries. Our course selection has allowed us to build our reputation, so that we have ties with WorkBC, OptionsBC, PICS, and other agencies dedicated to helping British Columbian’s find meaningful jobs.

With the sheer variety of programs that we offer, it may be hard to pick and choose which ones will have the most impact on your resume. While certain courses, such as heavy equipment operator training, are clearly directed towards specific industries, the others may seem rather vague. Worry not, job seeker, the following three courses are guaranteed to give your resume a boost, regardless of which industry you are in:

Red Cross First Aid

Red Cross First Aid prepares its students for emergencies that may occur in the workplace, or on the street. Its tenets are covered within multiple programs offered at ProSafe, including Standard First Aid and Emergency First Aid. This variety of training is recognized by WorkSafeBC as being equivalent to Occupational First Aid (OFA) Level 1, and packs loads of essential information within it’s eight-hour runtime.

The reason Red Cross programs retain the number one spot on our list? They are skills that all employers value, regardless of the working environment itself. Handling of heart attacks, strokes, and life threatening breathing emergencies are all captured in detail, ensuring that certificate-holders are equipped with a broad range of critical life-saving abilities.

In higher risk industries such as construction, it goes without saying that these certifications are highly valued. Obvious workplace applications aside, people who are Red Cross certified are prepared to tackle emergencies on the street, and may contribute as bystanders towards saving lives.

Will having Red Cross training on your resume land you a job, no questions asked? Not necessarily. Will it show employers that you are a well-trained individual who is prepared to handle emergencies? Absolutely.

SuperHost: Foundations Of Service Quality Customer Service

SuperHost is a program that is tailored towards those seeking to grow their customer service skills. First launched in preparation for British Columbia’s Exo ’86 festival, it has since grown to become the standard for customer service excellence within our province.

The course emphasizes the importance of teamwork, communication, and problem solving – skills which are extremely valuable in almost every workplace. Even if you are not seeking a customer-facing role, Superhost will teach you how to work in a more positive and mindful manner, which can make you an indispensable employee.

FoodSafe Level 1

If you were to choose one job-specific program that will open the most doors within a particular industry, FoodSafe would have to be it. Our Level 1 course dives into the nuances that lie behind preparing and storing food in a conscientious manner. Foodborne illnesses are a real threat, and it is mandatory that every kitchen or food-serving facility has staff present that bear this certification.

Cooks, servers, bus-persons, dishwashers, and deli workers are a few of the most prominent roles that require food safety training. Wherever food is handled or stored, this certification is valued – even teachers, who may prepare lunches for their students, stand to benefit by acquiring their Level 1. You never know where this knowledge will come in handy, and it may just catch the eye of your next employer…

Applying for jobs isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Between interviews, confusing online forms, and the stress of simply waiting for a call back, job seekers have every incentive to acquire any extra skills or certifications that can bolster them above the competition. ProSafe’s course selection includes programs that help prove to employers that you possess the skills that make you an asset. If any of the three aforementioned certifications are of interest to you, or you want to learn more about the rest of our offerings, don’t hesitate to reach out.