ProSafe In The Community: Partnerships That Help Those In Need + How You Can Help

ProSafe In The Community: Partnerships That Help Those In Need + How You Can Help

Over the years, ProSafe has become entrenched within our local communities. With campuses dotting the Lower Mainland, hundreds of certifications granted, and relationships with a multitude of businesses and staffing agencies, our team is dedicated to helping people get the skills and training they need to open doors and expand their career horizons. Even so, we feel that community engagement can always go beyond simply offering training courses.

Through ongoing community outreach and partnerships, we have been able to forge relationships with organizations such as the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society (VAFCS). In addition to helping marginalized groups on the Downtown East Side acquire workplace-oriented skills, the operators of VAFCS also run a large temporary shelter for Vancouver’s male residents in need.

Photo: Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society building
Photo: Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society (VAFCS)

Starting as a short-term program in 2009, the shelter soon became an established operation once its effectiveness became clear. Although the Covid-19 pandemic has caused them to split their shelters into two separate locations, the community-conscious spirit that has powered them through the past 11 years remains the same.

Shelter Manager Preston Jobin has been with VAFCS since its inception. He has the fortunate position of being able to witness the impact of training programs and employment opportunities first-hand. Thanks to the group’s efforts and partnerships, some of the shelter’s clients have returned as volunteers and employees, a clear indicator of how such organizations grow community ties.

‘At this time, we are able to help up to 100 visitors at once. It’s great, I have witnessed quite a few success stories where people get back on their feet. Some previous visitors have even come back to work with us, which is amazing.’

-Preston Jobin, Shelter Manager, VAFCS

This December, ProSafe is hosting a food and clothing drive in tandem with VAFCS and BladeRunners. It is an important initiative that can mean the difference of life or death for those less fortunate during the freezing winter months. We encourage all of our program participants, associates, and loyal blog readers to contribute by donating non-perishable food items and warm clothes to either organization. Although every individual item is appreciated, be mindful that winter shoes and socks are of particular importance and value.

Holiday donation boxes at ProSafe campus

By working with employment agencies, organizing charitable drives, and giving a leg up to those who need it most, we are very proud to be contributors towards the well-being of our communities.

If you are interested in participating in our holiday drive, but aren’t signed up for a course in December, both ProSafe and VAFCS are accepting donations at Covid-safe drop-boxes at each of our facilities. By contributing, you are making an incredible difference in someone’s well-being. For more information, please contact us at 604-585-7233 or by email at info@prosafefirstaid.ca.



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