SuperHost®: What It Is, And How It Can Invigorate Your Career or Business

SuperHost®: What It Is, And How It Can Invigorate Your Career or Business

Have you ever considered visiting a restaurant or store, but changed your mind after searching online and seeing that the business received poor reviews? You aren’t the only one. In a recent Synup State of Retail report, the organization confirmed that 82% of customers surveyed would not visit a business that received less than three stars on Google. In today’s Internet driven world, a few negative reviews can have real impact on a business’ success.

As such, it is now more vital than ever that employers and employees determine how to best cater to clients. This objective, of course, will not only mold repeat customers, but can inadvertently contribute towards much-coveted five-star reviews.

One of the most important methods to acquire positive feedback? By offering exceptional customer service. People are profoundly impacted by the interactions that they have with others, particularly in a setting where their hard-earned money may be at stake. Unless the product being offered is fundamentally flawed, negative reviews are generally tied to poor customer service in some shape or form.

SuperHost® Foundations of Service Quality is a comprehensive, practical introduction to the principles of providing an exceptional customer experience.

This is where SuperHost® Foundations of Service Quality training comes in. Originally launched in 1985 in preparation for Expo ’86, the SuperHost® certification is unique to British Columbia. Although its teachings can be applied to many professional settings, it is most widely recognized within our province’s tourism industry.

As an Approved SuperHost® Training Provider, ProSafe offers in-person training complete with interactive activities. The skills and knowledge taught within the program align with the interests of both business owners and employees. Within six hours, our instructors cover topics ranging from the basics of customer service to service quality metrics. Participants will study perspectives from clients and employers, an exercise that reveals the motives and expectations that form the framework of a quality client experience.

If you work in the tourism or hospitality industry, or plan on entering an associated field, SuperHost® is a certification that is guaranteed to give your resume a competitive edge. Those who currently hold a customer-facing job will still find many benefits, including increased confidence and heightened communication skills. With some light on the horizon for the Covid-19 pandemic to reduce its chokehold on front-line non-essential services, there are plenty of future opportunities in the works.

This course is ideal for people who are either entering the workforce for the first time or after a significant break, or are fairly new at working in a front-line, customer-facing role.

There is little explanation needed as to why business owners should consider becoming SuperHosts. By gaining a more formal understanding of how customers think, entrepreneurs can build their front-line teams, improve client retention, and, at the very least, earn quality customer feedback.

Does this program sound right for you? ProSafe is currently accepting students for course dates in early 2021. Start the New Year off right by treating your customers, and your resume, with a little something extra.