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Established in 1999, ProSafe First Aid is a leading employment training agency in BC, Canada with a focus on First Aid and Workplace Safety programs.

Keeping Up With The Field: Why First Aid Recertification Is So Important

The medical field is known for its rapidly evolving techniques and technology; making any comparison between contemporary practices with those from only a few decades ago a generally fruitless exercise. This evolution does not only occur among medicines and instruments – some of the most basic First Aid procedures experience alterations at the same swift…
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SuperHost®: What It Is, And How It Can Invigorate Your Career or Business

Have you ever considered visiting a restaurant or store, but changed your mind after searching online and seeing that the business received poor reviews? You aren’t the only one. In a recent Synup State of Retail report, the organization confirmed that 82% of customers surveyed would not visit a business that received less than three…
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Protect Your Children With ProSafe’s Emergency Child Care Program

Raising a child is a coordinated effort that often involves many different people, with each of these people playing a decisive role in the young one’s upbringing. Parents, grandparents, babysitters, and early childhood educators all devote their time towards shaping the next generation’s future. As such, it is important that they are equipped with the…
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Occupational Health And Safety: Essential Skills For The Workplace

Being prepared to respond to emergencies is an invaluable skill not just in the workplace, but in day-to-day life as well. From paper cuts to heart attacks, medical issues can arise at any given time. ProSafe First Aid’s Occupational First Aid (OFA) offerings are recognized by WorkSafe BC, and provide vital instructions that can be…
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