Occupational Health And Safety: Essential Skills For The Workplace

Occupational Health And Safety: Essential Skills For The Workplace

Being prepared to respond to emergencies is an invaluable skill not just in the workplace, but in day-to-day life as well. From paper cuts to heart attacks, medical issues can arise at any given time. ProSafe First Aid’s Occupational First Aid (OFA) offerings are recognized by WorkSafe BC, and provide vital instructions that can be used at work, home, or wherever an emergency happens to occur.

OFA Level 1 is an eight-hour course that is covers the fundamentals of First Aid. This includes hard skills such as CPR, wound management, AED training, and C-Spine management. Our instructors offer hands-on, practical coaching that can boost your resume, and potentially save someone’s life.

Due to changes in theory and practice, OFA Level 1 is only valid for three years. In order to be recertified, most institutions only provide an option to take the entire program from the beginning. ProSafe now offers a renewal course that takes half the time, and a fraction of the cost, of the initial OFA Level 1. Those who have a valid Level 1 certification are eligible to enrol within the refresher program, which is now available at all three of our campuses, as well as for private groups.

For those looking to advance their skills even further, and potentially pursue a career as a First Aid attendant, we also provide OFA Level 2 and OFA Level 3 courses. These greatly expand on the initial program offerings. Taking place over the course of five days, Level 2 does not require any previous experience or certification. Patient assessment and scene assessment are grouped in with C-Spine management, wound and fracture management, CPR, and much more.

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OFA Level 3 is a ten day course that is specially designed for remote workplaces, or areas that are far away from hospitals or medical treatment centers. Over the span of ten days, participants will acquire skills from a broad spectrum of First Aid practices. British Columbia is home to many natural resources, which often require companies to place their employees in isolated regions. By ensuring members of their staff have their OFA Level 3, they keep their workers safe and secure.

Whether you are a veteran Health and Safety officer looking for a refresher course, or someone looking to re-certify their OFA Level 1, ProSafe’s team is prepared to offer some of the best-in-class training that the Lower Mainland has to offer. When disaster strikes, be prepared. Book a course, and you may save a life.