Protect Your Children With ProSafe’s Emergency Child Care Program

Protect Your Children With ProSafe’s Emergency Child Care Program

Raising a child is a coordinated effort that often involves many different people, with each of these people playing a decisive role in the young one’s upbringing. Parents, grandparents, babysitters, and early childhood educators all devote their time towards shaping the next generation’s future. As such, it is important that they are equipped with the proper training to guarantee their children’s safety. Although we are fortunate enough to live in Canada, there are still many hazards that kids and their guardians should be aware of, and prepared to handle.

Most of the staff at ProSafe First Aid have worked with, or are parents to children, so our instructors have first-hand experience managing some of the environmental hazards that children may face. In keeping with our mission to make the world a safer place, we offer an Emergency Child Care course that is tailor-made to keep this vulnerable portion of our population safe.

This eight-hour program is filled with content, and is designed to provide caregivers with a comprehensive overview of potential hazards and proper first aid practices. After one day of training, you will acquire lifesaving skills that range from the basics of emergency response to how to properly treat injuries and sickness. Treatment of issues more likely to affect children (as opposed to adults), including poisoning and environmental illness, is included as well. The certificate, which is valid for three years, includes CPR/AED Level B recognition.

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From an instructor’s perspective, there are few courses at ProSafe that draw in such a diverse array of trainees. New parents, teachers, and child caregivers seeking to boost their skillset have all stepped through our doors to partake in the program. For students seeking to pick up part-time babysitting roles, this certification is invaluable, as it will give your clients, and yourself, peace of mind.

As cliché as it sounds, children are our future. Keeping them safe and administering proper care in the event of an emergency are responsibilities that any adult interacting with children should be aware of. Our team is well prepared to share, educate, and train on the best practices for ensuring child safety.

Interested? Sign up today! We are accepting intakes at our Surrey and Abbotsford campuses, where the course is available in both Punjabi and English.