ProSafe’s Forklift Certification Course: Open To The Public And Stacked With Knowledge

ProSafe’s Forklift Certification Course: Open To The Public And Stacked With Knowledge

Many careers and businesses lay their foundations using forklifts. From construction to property maintenance, these unassuming machines are used in various industries, and their operators are widely regarded as vital members of their respective teams. With forklift usage being so widespread, it is very important that proper safety precautions and procedures are followed. Although these machines are incredibly valuable, they can also pose serious threats when operated by those who lack adequate training.

ProSafe First Aid currently offers a comprehensive one-day forklift training course that emphasizes both safety and proficiency in operation. The program, which is now available to the general public, is delivered in partnership with IVES, and is perfect for employers or job-seekers looking to obtain this vital certification.

The leading provider of industrial mobile equipment training, IVES is renowned across North America for their in-depth course-ware and instructor preparation. Stepping onto a job site bearing an operator’s license stamped with their name shows that you have completed one of the most thorough and up-to-date courses on the market.

Our program itself is composed of two sections. The first is entirely theory based, and introduces trainees to the mechanics of forklifts — understanding fuel sources, stability principles, and general safety guidelines are all essential prior to stepping foot on one of these machines. This is followed by a practical portion, where participants get a chance to operate a forklift. This section covers nuances beyond simply steering and driving, as trainees will be practicing pre-shift inspections, propane cylinder exchanges, and much more.

ProSafe’s forklift training course provides individual operators with a stepping stone from which they can explore a variety of career options. Many training providers lack partnerships with established organizations such as IVES; ProSafe stands apart from these groups with our program, and always ensures that our students leave the classroom with resume-boosting knowledge and abilities.

Over the years, we have established connections with a number of employer partners who recognize the capabilities of our team of instructors. Despite opening registration to the public, we continue to offer private sessions for professional cohorts. For businesses concerned about commuting their staff to one of our training locations, fear not! We are fully capable of visiting your facility to provide the training in-house as well. If requested, we can even provide instruction using your own equipment. Once your staff obtain their certifications, it is up to you to ensure that they follow safety precautions and practice in a controlled environment (we can provide information to make this process as streamlined as possible.)

Forklifts are key machines behind many industries, and ProSafe’s team is excited to continue training their operators through our public and private intake. If you are interested in registering yourself or your staff into one of our IVES certified classes, don’t hesitate to contact us. The Lower Mainland needs more forklift operators, so it may be time for you to take a seat and learn to drive!