Keeping BC’s Workers Safe: Two Programs That Can Add Value On The Job-Site

Keeping BC’s Workers Safe: Two Programs That Can Add Value On The Job-Site

From high rises and roads to community centres and schools, British Columbia’s construction industry is responsible for building our cities from the ground-up – literally. Residents of Greater Vancouver would be hard pressed to ignore the new developments that spring up every day.

Unsurprisingly, there are some pretty hefty statistics around this essential field. In 2019, the British Columbia Construction Association (BCCA) stated that the industry amounts to 8.7% of the province’s GDP. During the same study, they stipulate that there are over 25,000 construction companies operating in BC, all contributing towards projects that are valued well over $100 billion.

These staggering numbers translate into a staggering need for workers. Skilled tradespeople, labourers, architects, and equipment operators alike are all required to work together to ensure this vital part of our economy keeps running. One important feature binds these seemingly disparate groups together: they require training.

ProSafe First Aid is a well-established training provider for construction workers and employers alike. As safety regulations tighten, many of the certifications that we offer are required to even get a foot in the door (or a steel toed boot on-site). For those seeking entry-level construction jobs, or simply looking to step up their professional credentials, check out the following:

Fall Protection

Ten feet may not seem like a big distance, but falling from that height is enough to cause serious injury or death. This grim reality is one of the main reasons why there is a specific Occupational Health and Safety Regulation that requires that workers at these heights carry their fall protection certifications.

ProSafe’s Fall Protection program covers all you need to know about staying safe when working at heights. This interactive session shows workers how to wear and operate fall protection systems, and discusses written pre-site plans with employers and supervisors. Training towards obtaining this certificate is a small price to pay to ensure your own safety, as well as opening up a wealth of employment opportunities.

Register for our Fall Protection courses: https://prosafefirstaid.com/fall-protection-awareness-registration/

lagger Training

Traffic Control Persons (TCPs), often known as Flaggers, are instrumental towards keeping virtually everyone safe on the road. Without Flaggers, motorists, pedestrians, and workers could potentially find themselves in life-threatening situations. In a best-case scenario, a world without Flaggers would be overrun with traffic jams.

Our combination of classroom and practical training covers all of the important skills and information needed for Flaggers to succeed. As this type of work goes beyond essential, graduates of the program are typically able to find jobs very quickly. Ticketed TCPs save lives on a daily basis and are highly valued on any construction site.

Book your TCP Flagger training: https://prosafefirstaid.com/standardized-traffic-control-person-tcp-flagger-certification-registration/

As the construction industry booms, so too does the demand for workers. By offering these educational safety programs, the ProSafe team continues to elaborate on our goal to help stimulate BC’s workforce and economy. Fall Protection and Flagger training are two certifications that can open a boundless array of employment opportunities, and are designed to make the job site a safer place. Our Surrey and Abbotsford campuses are currently accepting new applicants, so sign up and strengthen your credentials today!